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“Nothing I can say to praise Allison’s contribution in helping my two sons will be sufficient. She helped my older son get into the University of Michigan Medical School and my younger son get into Johns Hopkins undergraduate. I do not have words to describe our gratitude. My husband and I are 100% convinced it was Allison’s magic touch that made the difference.”

– Parent of University of Michigan Medical Student & Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate

“We had interviewed several other college counselors before we met Allison, and I knew when we met her she was the one. My son had an instant rapport with her. I don’t know if it was her enthusiasm or her quick wit, but she was clearly the counselor for us. Don’t be fooled by her youthful appearance. She is smart as a whip, and her instincts are right on. More importantly, she is someone my son felt comfortable working with. She has the ability to help your child articulate thoughts on paper. In our case, I believe she brought out the best in my son. She gave him the confidence and guidance he needed to write the best he could. The other thing I appreciated as a parent was the instant response she gave to all questions no matter how big or small. The night or weekend before the application is due, it is very nice to know Allison is not only available but her ever cheerful self. I highly recommend her as the one to help you navigate the treacherous waters of college applications. I would not have wanted to do it without her, and four years from now when my son applies to graduate school, we will be calling her.”

– Parent of University of Virginia Undergraduate

“We have had the enormous good fortune of working with Allison over the course of several years. First, she worked with my then 15-year-old daughter on her creative writing skills. My daughter looked forward to her weekly meetings with Allison, where she was encouraged to think independently and creatively. If asked today what her strengths are, this daughter would put creative writing at the top of her list. Indeed, now, as a college bound applica[nt], she has grown into a confident writer where she hopes to further pursue creative writing. My other daughter also had the good fortune of working with Allison during the completion of her college applications. The result was that Allison’s guidance enabled her to write clear and well constructed applications. We do not hesitate in recommending Allison; she played a paramount role in the success that both our daughters are experiencing today.”

– Parent of Williams College Undergraduate

“Allison was the driving force behind helping us find the exact program my son wanted. He was very specific in looking for a program in computer animation – a relatively new field, that was housed in either art departments or computer science departments. My son wanted a curriculum in both areas, and Allison knew of a program in the Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania called Digital Media Design, which was a perfect fit. If not for Allison, we never would have found that particular major. She listened to what was important to our son and provided us with a list of options for him to consider. He’s now finishing his freshman year at Penn and couldn’t be happier! That’s why we’ve recommended Allison to many of our friends. We want them all to have the wonderful experience we had with Allison, during what could be an enormously stressful time.”

– Parent of University of Pennsylvania Engineering School Undergraduate

“Working with Allison allowed me to discover my own writing abilities, which have carried with me far beyond the college application process. She pushed me to explore my own unique writing style while suggesting new ways to approach essay questions. Her quick and detailed responses to emails and availability during college application ‘crunch time’ helped make the process less stressful and, at times, even enjoyable. Beyond being a brilliant adviser, Allison is a delightful person to work with on a professional and personal level.”

– Colorado College Undergraduate

“I am so thankful for all of Allison’s guidance and support; I could not have gotten into grad school without her. She helped me get my career headed on the right track, and she was instrumental in helping me find the perfect place…to chase my goals and dreams.”

– K.W., Student, New York, New York

“Allison was our lifesaver! We didn’t know about Allison when our first son applied to college, and he did NOT get into any of the schools he wanted. Thankfully, we used Allison for our second son (who had the same GPA and SAT scores) and our second son got into ALL of the colleges that he wanted! The essays are a very important piece to the college application, and Allison knew exactly how to guide my son so he was able to write essays that showed his personality. She is fabulous!”

– P.R., Parent, Los Angeles, California

“Sight unseen and strictly through email and phone from New York to Virginia Beach, we believe Allison’s guidance and support was definitely a major factor in my son getting accepted early decision to New York University. As a parent, the most unbelievably part for me was how well we got to know each other without ever having met and how her calm, positive, and ALWAYS being available for questions any day of the week made this very tedious process bearable. Looking forward to working with Allison again this year with my younger son. Anyone that I have recommended Allison to have shared the exact same thoughts!”

– Parent of New York University Undergraduate